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Men of leather flock together

 My obsession with strange things is not hidden , joining the club is the bag which  holds the Wall Street together, Almost like a pride for those dudes to be able to flaunt it.

Yes I am talking about the Meretricious Messenger Bag. For one thing, I have been lured by them when ever I went shopping . Like any other innocent and smitten teenager I tried to hide away my affection for  the bag from all. For a 17 year old girl , it is a almost a crime to even look at the messenger bags when you can get yourself the tiniest and shiniest crossbody in town. At that age it is tough peer pressure politics! 

And then I grew up and learnt to say "the hell with y'all bitches",  I can  buy any damn thing I want.  But then I found the men , and men loved the leather, the men were liers so I sticked with just the leather. And that my friends is the story behind such lust for those bags.

Messenger bags are a charm for me, they look sophisticated and make me feel so confident. A must have for every independent women,I feel. Its almost I could rule the world with one of these bags.

Featured here is the Messenger Bag from Coach

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