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Swag Requirements 2015 !!

Every woman needs to upgrade the Swag Factor because women are the most powerful and yet the most emotional creatures on this earth. They may feel low sometimes and may need a swag boosting and I give you the most amazing Booster haul for the year 2015 . So be prepared for some Superfluous mentions of Swag in this post. By the end of the post all you will remember is the word Swag and the fact that you have to get these things for yourself.

Nothing can say more warm and sophisticated than this geometric patterned coat from Zara. It can make you feel all you want to be and yet give you that perfect blend of style and sophistication. Wear it over black trousers or the new and trending comebacks of ankle length cowboy boots. With a very pocket friendly price range your wardrobe desperately needs this asap.

Black and white wool coat with geometric  motifs from Zara.


Now sexy is too mild a word for this really hot silk dress from Burberry. This sensuous dress will remind you that you are beautiful and you do not really have to care because all the women will obviously hate you as you look so stunning. A perfect dress for that perfect occasion you want your swag to get rolling.
Fitted silk embellished black dress from Burberry.


The sensuous list continues and I have decided that apart from black and Marsala (the Pantone colour of the year) I am going to spend a huge deal on the colour that is Hot Pink! I have not seen pink catch up in a while with all the nudes and the reds, so this is my shade of the year and I really want to see it more this year. So these really really hot and disturbingly Sexy peep toes from Louboutin's did sweep my heart and they swept it deep. These are the shoes your wear and walk in a room and people look at you and say damn..girl!! The three tone colour on the shoes are amazing and Louboutin has the craziest mass of women fans and I am one of them.

Hot pink peep toe heels from Christian Louboutin .


Don't ever keep that hand swag free. This Tiffany & Co bracelet studded with diamonds are meant to be worn to make you feel special , confident and swag -full. Embrace the confidence and power in you.

Gold bracelet from Tiffany & Co


Silk is a paradise for your skin and if you think I am lying then go feel this gorgeous silk scarf with the most amazing print. Nothing can please your skin like the feel of silk . And if you still have not indulged in silk than you are missing a great deal in life , so I forgive you , wait no more, get hold of your purse and Go buy that precious silk.
Silk Twill scarf from The House of Silk -Fleurs et Papillons de Tissus Hermés.


I am a big fan of bamboo products, they are really crafted well and are made from bamboo which are really strong and this tote from Gucci is on the top of my most wanted list of 2015. This is so simple and precise for the everyday smart look and the handle is made of dark lacquered bamboo and the hardware is made of palladium. If you are wondering what the crap is palladium? It is next to Platinum in the periodic table so you can count on it blindfolded. This bag is great for offices too and gives you the suave look for any occasion. The more you hold this bag around the more of a swag holder you will be.

Bamboo leather tote from Gucci


Now this is not something special for only this year. This is like an obsession I have, I cannot imagine being more obsessed with anything else in life , I literally live in boots. So boots are going to be special every year and I am going to bore the hell out of you talking about boots. But getting back to the talk I found these boots from Gianvitto Rossi so amazingly sexy , they are brown and calf length, just the way boots are meant to be.  I also love the longer ones and the shorter ones but these are the boots I fancy right now
.The material looks so very amazing and worth buying. These boots have the Oomphh factor you need right now! So obviously Swag? Check★★★★★

 boots from Gianvitto Rossi


So that was my Swag-able list for 2015 . Hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more posts.

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