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The Man Thief

Yes she exists ,The world calls her 'The Man Thief '. She is everyhere and always on alert , always equipped and always with a plan. She is the one who should not be named. All you ladies tremble at the mention of The Man Thief because you know she can ruin what you have, what is  your now may be her's later. Secretly you also want to be like her.

The man thief is always on go . She always carries with herself the legendary Red Lipstick . A positive attraction at first sight rule of how lustrous her lips are and how she can make men want to have them. Smokey eyes and And that accidental pout goes a long way.
Target Acquired!

To judge a women by her clothes may be  wrong for some,  but this lady plays her cards very well. Beneath that girl next door cute top , she is going to wear the secret weapon , a sexy and lacy corset from where other than Victoria's Secret . So well adorned she would look like a sexy goddess (obviously because she will have that toned body resulting from those pilates lessons that she takes) with power no man can deny. Target trapped!

The desire of silk like feeling beautiful skin may be overrated, but every overrated thing has to have a strong foundation to be overrated. Men want to touch the beautiful skin and women want to own that beautiful skin. The Man - thief knows this very well and she swears by her supple skin. She will put on the creamiest body creme on her skin, Jo Malone body creme ,that feels like silk and smells like summer . The men will just want to hold on to it and never let go, and hence she nails it! TARGET Achieved!

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