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A Baroque Clutch - From Alexander Mc Queen

To be exquisite is one thing and to be prolific is another. Alexander Mc Queen took those overweening steps way too fast with this piece of mystery. The new purse from Alexander Mc Queen seems to have a peremtory attempt at perfection.  The Satin Short Knuckle Box Clutch with salamander knuckle design and Swarovski crystal detail that comes with a gold finish is not a seal deal from my point of view. The finger rings for clutch hold give it a rather uncomfortable look and the gold finish is exorbitant . Now Alexander Mc Queen has presented numerous ensembles on runway that I heart and dream of owning, and so this morning when I saw this tweet from them about a new clutch I was more excited to take a sneek peek at the new beauty than pouring coffee into my cup , but after seeing the clutch , deep down I knew I had expected to see something more. The clutch was far from a neat look and I was obviously a bit disappointed , not a very good option to go just for the brand name. I hope they come up with something new and better soon.

 Clutch from Alexander Mc Queen

Marsala stone

marsala stone
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