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Making New Year's Resolutions a Success!

Every New Year's eve I decide that I will be doing something on a strict schedule next year and look like a gorgeous princess and every year I fail miserably. Sometimes I do the stuff on my list just once , sometimes the stuff is just on my list and never gets done and most of the time I don't even sit down to write a list! Well in my defence I am the Queen of laziness...
But this year I decided I will act out a different plan. A practical approach if you will. So I made a  list of what I did to get my New Year resolutions done...

1. Firstly I didnt wait until New Year's eve. I wanted to find out where I was going wrong . I thought that I didnt have to wait for the next year to begin, I can just start right away. Also, I can be sure that the resolution is compatible with my lifestyle. It gave me buffer days to check how it suited me. And believe me it is working!!!
2. Second! I stopped sitting idle. The first thing I did when I thought this out was that I wrote this post. Instead of sitting idle thought I could catch up with my long lost hobby which is painting ( excuse me for being such a nerd , i just can't help it...) Or even better I thought I can make homemade pastes for my skin. And I did make a honey and turmeric paste and my skin does feel like silk!!
3.  Well next approach is to just do what you thought instantly. When I thought i would make home made paste for my skin. I Googled an easy one up and did it....Instantly!!! I had pilates everyday in my New Year resolution list and i did it instantly and everyday. Think it....and do it....do not let second thoughts enter your mind....just do it..Being spontaneous will solve a lot of problems us lazy heads face...
4. Mark the results. If what you are doing is working you must note down your success to make it inspiring. I wrote it down on colourful paper and clipped it on my board next to my table.
5. The fifth and the final one is the harsh one for a stubborn like me. I wrote my new year resolution on a paper and put it up on the wall. So whoever comes to my room sees it and if I am not working on it ... Well i will feel pretty embarrassed! So it would be better to lose my lazy ass habbit than my precious Ego.
So I started with my resolutions ahead of New Year to make it a success. I hope you do too...
Hope you liked my list . I will be back with more. Also please follow me on twitter and follow my blog right here.
My twitter  : @TheKindredWorld
Stay safe and Happy!!!

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