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Affiliates and Earning

At some point or the other circumstances will compel you to think about getting something in return for your passion for blogging. Nothing can be more Satisfying than getting money for what you love to do. In this section I will let you know about earning money via affiliate programmes or as Publishers of the website. I am currently Associated with the following Organizations as affiliates or Publishers. Check them out!!!

1. Viglinks 
Viglink allows you to monetise the links that you may have provided in your website. They also provide you with banners, links and your website related Advertisements to put up on your website with decent returns. You just have to copy the html code they provide into your website templete and you are good to go.

2. Skimlinks
Skimlinks is another link monetising website which also provides banners and monetisable links. With both Skimlinks and Viglinks you can earn money with monetisable clicks through links, banners with your referrals and website friendly Advertisement. But for starters I would suggest you use one of these two programmes to monetise your links to prevent confusion. Banners and referrals can be used from both simultaneously.

3.  Hostgator Affiliate Programme
The Hostgator is an affiliate programme preffered by so many websites owners and bloggers worldwide specially for the generous returns it gives to its affiliates and also customers hosting from their website. This is due to the fact that they increase per referral bonus as the number of your referrals increase, so your revenue just gets multiplied by the numbers. ( Special offer: For readers of The Kindred World - Use coupon code 'kindredworld' to avail $9.94 off on hosting in their website )

4. Dreamhost Affiliate Programme
Another lucrative affiliate programme. More are your referrals, the more you earn , but dreamhost offers a little bit more. It is a recurring 3-tier affiliate programme. Which means , you not only get money from your direct referrals, but you also get a small amount from the people they refer to (usually $5, but good enough right? ). It means more return value for you and a win win situation for everyone.

5. Bluehost Affiliate Programme
Similar to Dream Host and Hostgator.

6. Social OOmp Affiliate Programme
Social OOmph allows you again to make money with links, banners, text ads etc.

I have started using the above mentioned programmes for my blog, I will update the list frequently as I get involved with other programmes. Hope you found my post informative. Please do let me know about your experiences with the following programmes. Also the advertisements on my blog are mostly the liks of above mentioned websites, click on them if you want to register yourself or if you want to buy a domain from bluehost, dreamhost or hostgator etc

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