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Best of 3.1 Phillip Lim - Spring/Summer 2015

If you would have asked me for opinions on how to dress a few years ago I would have refferred to you a huge deal of hipster crop tops and torn barely there jeans shorts. But as they say- your style ages gracefully with you, and now at twenty two all I ask for are clean cuts and classy style and if anything has to be messy it'll be my ohh so perfectly messy hairdo. I do not know how my tastes are going to be a few years down the line but I am pretty much satisfied with what I love right now. There are numerous designers whom I adore completely and one of them is Phillip Lim , so much so that I feel he just understands the psyche of some women . Not all women want to be the gullible princess; and he creates those perfectly crafted cuts for such kind of women. I was a little unsure about the tube piping along the borders this Spring/Summer 2015 ,but he kept it clean, even though the collection was meant to be 'boudoir' ; with perfect embroidery and silhouettes. I bring to you some of my favorites from his Spring/Summer collection 2015.

There is something about white that fascinates a person, Phillip Lim completely took advantage of this factor here and well also the Judo influence. The wavy tube piping is unique and does not look way too much, perfectly wearable. The pants looked nice and the layered broad strips at the bottom are doable. Also the shoes in this collection are also bordered with the tube detail which look surprisingly adorable.

phillip lim

Abstract and geometrical prints made this one unique. The two tone print one abstract and other geometrical with the tubing detail again on this one is a great deal. Overall nice and it did make it in to my list.

phillip lim

 The tubing detail is very prominent in this ensemble from the collection , the crop top, the shorts  and the shoes all have the tubed silhouette. The pinkish crop top is good but here I will specifically talk about the shorts with the embroidered white and yellow fabric with the tube detail giving it a highly favorable sporty look. These are the shorts I would prefer to wear this year.

phillip lim

Who would know suede looks so hot, and this one in embroidered lamb suede detail looks highly appealing to me. The asymmetrical judo stitch with the swede fabric is very unique on the top and he kept the cuts clean in this one. Phillip Lim has added a bit of layers in all the ensembles this year but they completely justify what he has done with them.

 phillip lim

I really do not know how Phillip Lim made the Judo Stitch on this one so immensely sexy. The navy and and the green leaf silk crop top was the best of all the judo inspired outfits from the collection. The drawstring navy trousers too look very sexy and appealing and so does the black satin top over the crop top. Phillip Lim scored with this ensemble.

phillip lim

I would not be doing justice to the collection if I did not talk about this lovable Bolero white and yellow Jacket. The asymmetrical yet clean cut is pretty classy and the embroidered fabric make seals the deal. Authentic style and class make this jacket one of my Phillip Lim favourites.

  phillip lim

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