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Dear Credit Card Bills here is why I need yet another Bathing Suit

Dear Credit Card Bills,

You were so harsh on me this year , so much more than any other year or all the past years taken together. Its like you don't even love me anymore. My life has taken a toll since I saw your face value and I literally mean the value written on your freakishly scary face. All my friends are buying stuff , it will be spring soon and then summer and I have to wear a new bathing suit. And No!!!! I cannot wear what I already have and look like a jerk with a sad face on my Instagram selfies who stands there behind like a stalking ghost!! NO!! Every one will be like "Didn't you wear that last year too? " and I will feel so embarrassed and rejected and I wont have a place to hide my body or my face because I'll be on a beach, to avoid more rejection! Not happening dude!!!

You don't even understand me any more , my feelings , my desires. Did my love mean nothing to you? I kept you like a piece of my heart inside my purse! You were my soul mate , my BFF, whenever & wherever I needed you , you were there and now you turn your back on me with this hefty revenge? You think you can scare me and make not swipe you any more ??? Ohh but you are wrong! I am going to swipe you so bad, till your edges become so rugged that they won't even recognise which bank you belong to. You cannot destroy my life like this!! I was having second thoughts about this gorgeous Neiman Markus ensemble but No! Your vile behaviour has made me take a decision, I will buy this bathing suit and it will make me look so sexy and so gorgeous and so seductive that I won't even remember who you are!!! Drop Dead!!!!!

Swimwear from Neiman Marcus
Hope you loved reading my post , stay tuned for more amazing posts!

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