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And gearing up for The New Year- All from Oasap

Christmas is over but that does not mean the whole world is over... Party season is still on and as we wait for the awesome 2015 into our lives we wave a heavy goodbye to our beloved 2014 with the greatest party of the year. So here I am to help you guys pick some thing for the new year's eve party and also the day ahead. All the stuff is surprisingly affordable as I choose everything from Oasap . Everyone was talking about their site and suggesting me so I thought let me try it out. I loved their website as they have pretty cool stuff in there. And do not worry I am not advertising them to you I just happen to give my honest opinion because their site is very famous among the bloggers.

Now getting to the point , so I choose some stuff which is really cool, not the sexy one but the cool one because you want to be comfortable and cool.

For the Party: I would suggest Black as it is my favourite colour . This little black dress is very appealing with the boots. And also if you want to add socks that are a little above your ankles it's fine but find a shade that is a little darker for the socks. And I preferred the blazer instead of the sweater here because the blazer adds a sudden cool quotient to the LBD. And of course black cross body bag.





For the day after: So the New Year's Eve is over but that does not mean you mourn all day, you go out and have some fun with your buddies. So I have chosen a over sized sweater with a floral dress and boots again. And the bag is an olive green schoolgirl bag to make it fun. Add some round shades and you are ready to have fun.






Hope you loved reading this post. If you want to buy all these item you may want to go to their website which is www.oasap.com .

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Stay safe!

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