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Before You say the L-word Say Louis Vuitton

If you really wierd craze about fashion then you will know what LV before the L-word means. Everyone is obsessed with Louis Vuitton since ..I don't know ..like Forever!!!

And the LV handbags that we are most obsessed about???? Here they are...


three words- SPACIOUS- SEXY- STILL CRAVING , well actually four words.

If you know Louis Vuitton you know the speedy. These are the classic LV handbags that we have seen for a long time now and the craze never gets older....


We would not love a sexy red handbag? And that too from Louis Vuittion. Imagine red lipstick from Bare Minerals and this Bag , I could just go on and on...!!! If you are making the ' What A Girl Wants' sequel then just drop the Love and get this Bag!!!


And this beauty is what I am going to dream about tonight!!....This Chain bag from LV which is  very girly and elegant and ...OMG I will be jealous if I find any of my girlfriend in possession of this bag.
Hope you enjoyed reading my post. I will be back with more...

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  1. Been eyeing a LV speedy for such a long time! If there's any luxury bag worth buying, it's an Louis Vuitton for sure. And you're totally spot on - the craze never dies down for a Speedy. :P
    You've got a very nice blog here. :)

    do visit mine @ http://ofbooksandblogs.blogspot.in/

  2. yes you are absolutely correct... the lv craze really never dies....and thank you so much:) And sure I will visit your blog, It is so nice to meet other bloggers here :)


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