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A change for something better

I was an avid fan of the T.V series "How I Met Your Mother" and I distinctly remember the character, Barney Stinson saying "New is always better". Although not many of us agree to his rule immediately , but in course of time have come to realise that sometimes a new change does make life better and more interesting.
I have here a little story from my childhood which made me realise as a kid that sometimes new is better indeed.
As a child me and my family lived in a small rented house just outside the town. I have so many beautiful memories of my childhood in that house. It was not a huge house but it did have a little garden in the front and a back yard. There was a small kitchen built in the backyard but we preferred to cook inside the main house and turned that kitchen into a store. The main house was L-shaped house with four rooms and an L-shaped veranda just outside.  The house was located in a little densely populated areas of the town.
Since my brother was not yet born at that time , I was always in search of a playmate. Being a single child made me lonely sometimes . Luckily there were so many other kids in and around that locality that I never felt too alone. Sometimes me and my friends would go far away to the paddy fields seeking adventure , specially in the rainy season when we walked through muddy water that went up to our knees. As you can tell I was a notorious kid, my mother would get worried  when she did not find me nearby and she would come looking for me with a stick in one hand only to realise that I had already ran away from her and reached home.
When it rained heavily I preferred to stay inside and called all my friends to play in the veranda. We created so much chaos in the veranda that sometimes my dad used to send my friends home. We used to play all types of games in the veranda from board games, to card games to a make belief tea party.
That house gave me the best childhood I could ever ask for, so you can imagine my grief when my parents decided to get a new place of their own and leave the rented house for good. I cried for days and pleaded my parents to stay , but they could not live in a rented house forever.
I went to see this new place my parents wanted to buy. There were very few houses there, hardly any  kids playing outside and it was quiet as hell. I did not Know how I would survive in such a place.
I also had to break the news of me moving away to my friends, So , I called all my friends, made them sit in the veranda while I stood up and gave a dramatic little speech about me moving away to a new place. My friends were very heart broken and they made me promise them that I would come visit frequently.
Soon the day arrived when we had to pack our stuff and start the process of moving out and moving in. I had cried a lot , but then I got myself together and helped my parents with packing.
Initial days in the new home were very depressing. For days I would sit staring outside from the  veranda remembering old days . When my school reopened after vacations I saw so many children going to the same school as I did in the same van. Soon I made many new friends and slowly the new place did not seem so bad. Although I did miss my old home but sometimes I realised that change is good and leads to another phase of life which is better.

Hope You loved reading my post. I will be back with more posts soon. Have a great Day and Stay Subscribed!!!
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