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Christian Siriano's perfect for Red Carpet gowns

 Some gowns that should definitely make to the red carpets this year are from Christian Siriano . The Pre 2015-2016 Autumn winter collection from the designer did showcase a lot of gowns and dresses . To my dismay the black gown was not the star of the collection but overall the gowns were positively Red Carpety!!!

 This black number is played well with just the right length just above the ankles. Nice, But it is not something we have not seen before . But well someone can rock it with the right accessory or shoes.

 Elegance was written down when designing this gown again the neat cut plain black body with the flared shimmery open sleeves. This is something we do want to see in the coming red carpet events.

 These long striped pattern gowns with the side slit are again fine additions to the collection. I liked them for their simplicity.

The gown that did leave a mark was this one with block line pattern. The two toned colour of lighter purple and caramel surprisingly did blend very well. The off shoulder makes a hit of sexy. The neat cut and stiched side did do the trick making this number my favorite (beating the black...yes the black!!) and I absolutely want some beauty to rock this number.

 The purple off shoulder gown is yet another fascinating piece with the body hugging upper part and the flowing lower part.

This purple gown is perfect for someone who wants to bring in a little class with not much skin show. The side slit gives a hint of sexy again. The cape cut is classy and the purple colour did surprisingly stand out, A yes for red carpet!

 These two gowns in black were the others which did not stand out much, probably because we have seen stuff like that before. Black is my favorite colour and yet these gowns did not melt my heart to that extent.

This black princess like gown with half sleeves and white work over it is a beautiful number. It is nice how Siriano played with half sleeves and still made this gown elegant whereas most designers go for the conventional gown sleeves. A big yes to this one and I am sure I am speaking on behalf of all ladies!

I loved this gown for its material which has a raw silk finish unlike the polished textile used in other gowns. The cut is very neat again and elegant and qualifies for a nice red carpet look.

I hope you loved my post. I will be back with more...Meanwhile..

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