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Dennis Basso- Perfect Gowns!

I am insanely in love with gowns and when I saw Dennis Basso's collection of gowns for the Pre-Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection I literally went nuts. The gowns were few but quality really outdid the quantity factor here. Elaborate and unique work on the elegantly designed gowns stole my heart. 

 This satin purple - wine gown with the backless design is so very elegant for any special occasion. You cannot go wrong with this gown and even the simple pony did go very well.

This unique yet elegant gown . I loved the colour, the cut at the back, very classy and the bottom is unique. Great work!

The designer has scored with the pattern in this one. The closely placed patterns near the bust area with the string neckline is fabulous. Again the flow at the bottom with stretched lines makes this gown a super deal.

And just when you think it cannot get more elegant it does. This backless butterfly backed beautiful sequin gown in off white proves the fact. I do hope I see it on someone I adore. A gown lover will defenitly give full points to this beauty.

This Duchess style gown breaks the cliche out of all other duchess gowns. First I love the elbow length sleeves in net like material ,  and second the intricate work in the high waist area is gorgeous. The colour is reddish and I love the flow at the bottom.

I hope you loved my post. I will be back with more...Meanwhile..

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