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Store Update

Digging through the internet is fun when you do it for the sole purpose of shopping, or in my case window shopping. I love to find new stores and great deals on products that are essentially unique so that i do not bump into someone wearing the same thing as I am.That my friends is Fashion Crisis, unless you are willing to admit that you have gone CraZZy . I will let you know of some stores that I am looking into that might interest you. I did order from some as I have the compulsive need to please the stores and making them rich even if it means burning a hole in my pocket, the size of the hole dug for Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Alright!! getting back to shopping, these are just two or three stores that I have mentioned here, you may or may not have heard about them.

1. Street Style Store
Now I have browsed on and on for a store like this but I never found one, until a friend of mine were just hanging out and she was talking about these new shoes she had bought from this store, and when I saw the shoes I went crazy. The shoes were so perfect and really really good quality, and the best part, they were so affordable. I could not believe when she told me that her boots cost 700 bucks, that was Crazy!!! So I came home sat on Google and saw this site and they had some pretty darn good-looking shoes , specially the boots and the belles were worth the price tag. I had seen the shoes, the quality was great , the the shoes were pretty cool, so I did not waste a moment and ordered three shoes from their store. Yes three!!! sometimes , you know, I cannot resist. They are yet to arrive and I am really looking forward to them. Apparently they take a little more time to arrive than other stores, but good shoes are worth a wait!! They claim to deliver within 3 to 21 days. ( You can click on the store name heading to get to their website directly)

2. Pepperfry
Home decor is really reaching new heights in India, may be because of the already rich cultural diversity and the introduction of modern and also western ideas into the homes of people. And stores now offer classified collections of the most beautiful decor to suit every mind. Now I do not have my own house to decorate it with crazy ideas I keep dreaming of but I do love to put some really cool posters and paintings in my room to make it look classy. I did find many posters in Amazon, Flipkart etc,  but this was another website that I really found worth going through. The website offers everything one might need to decorate their house from furnishings to decor to even pet supplies and personal grooming. They had a huge collection, and yes at mostly affordable prices. Although they did not deliver at my address so I had to drop the idea of buying a new poster but those of you living in bigger cities can really go and check this out. (Again, click on the heading to go right to their website.)

3. The Closet Label
Now this is another store I have been checking out for sometime now. They have three divisions on their website, each division is a website in itself,  and they are styled by three different celebrities.
The Closet label - This is the home page of the website and is all about fashion-clothing, accessories, shoes. They are all styled by Mallika Arora Khan. the clothes here are pretty trendy and cool. But the thing I liked most about this label is their collection of swimwear. Although they do not have a huge collection there but most of the swimwear items were very sexy and desirable. Other items too were very stylish, as for the price, I would not say they are very affordable, but if you really want to buy then I would recommend buying them.
The Home label - This label is styled by Suzzane Roshan. Again nice collection of Decor, a little high on prices though.
The Trunk Label -  This label is styled by Bipasha Basu. The label holds collection of trendy accessories- bags, jewellery, shoes etc

So these are the stores I am trolling right now will update you with more such stores in coming future.
Did you like post? Did you want to buy anything from these stores? Do comment below, I would be very happy to read about it.

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  1. Hi,

    I always love to explore new fashion statement from the updated "fashion stores". Nice pictures , you always contain the stylish collection.



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