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New store New Style

Hey Everyone!
It has been a while now since I have posted about a new store that I found or any new post for that matter so here is my post after a really long break. I saw this store called Dresslink(click here) from a youtube review video and was amazed by the Incredibly cheap prices of products. The store is located in Asia ( China) so all the items are so incredibly cute. The products are inspired by stars from hollywood and also kpop and as I saw in the video I could tell that the products are good quality for the prices they offer. All the prices are in US$ and most items are under 10$ . Its a great deal to go for. They have everything ranging from dresses to accessories to shoes and even indoor lights. Their website is simple and easy to go through and they have really a lot of products in different colours, so you will have a lot of options. Also they give you points for referral , reviews , youtube video reviews etc. Also I suggest buying a size bigger than yours as their sizes are a bit smaller( both for shoes and clothes). If you are tight on the bills and still want to satisfy you irresistible need for shopping this is the place to be. Everything about them is great but one thing that bums me out is that after paying 2-3$ on something paying 13-14$ on shipping is really annoying. Besides that I would highly recommend this store for you. The link is given down below

Click here to go to their website 

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