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#Together My Little Inspiration

Whenever life takes a different turn ,our whole world becomes overwhelming, we feel a deep unknown chill inside our stomach and everything with us seems wrong. A sense of comparison starts to build up in our minds, comparing ourselves to our peers and then a realisation that we, unlike others are completely disrupted and can never come out of that deep imaginary pit we have put us in.
Such an experience is familiar to everyone specially to whom the story of their life is yet to be decided.

I have had many such incidents in my life , many pit falls , I have managed to drag myself out of some pits and I have yet to come out of some others. There was once such an incident when I fell into the biggest pit of life and how I am still trying to strengthen my way out of that is a story I would like to share with you all.

To come from a family of highly qualified professionals is not as easy task. Expectations are too high and there is always a fear of downfall. Maintaining your position is not an option, because as long as there is room for more growth you are not done yet. In such a family dropping out of university to pursue something which is not very academic is the biggest crime you can ever commit. I did this about some years ago and as expected faced bitter reactions from all the people I know. Every qualified person I talked to told me how insanely I had ruined my life and it could never get better from there. I did not know who to go to and what to expect from my life. The whole town was talking about my utter failure in life.

Not knowing what to do I went out to get some fresh air with my little baby brother. He had seen me sad all those days. We sat on the park bench and were eating ice-cream when he came to me , held my hand with his little baby hands and said " Don't be sad didi. I know that mom and dad are upset. I don't want to live with them when I grow up. I want to come live with you. You are the most creative person I know and I want to be just like you" . I was so socked, I could not speak for a while. I never knew that my little brother thought this way. The thought that he called me creative and that he wanted to come live with me melted my heart. I just tried to hold my tears back in and hugged. He unknowingly was the biggest inspiration in my life and even to this day has the most positive reviews for all my work that I show him.

The impact of an optimistic person in ones life is boundless even if the person is a small child. Its the magnitude of happiness that the person creates that amounts the most in life. Ups and downs as a whole compile to form life and an optimistic approach towards life can make you strong enough to face any hardship, any obstacle in life. Being #together with an optimistic person can help you go places in life.

Hope you loved reading my post. I will be back with more. Keep visiting and Stay Subscribed

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