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A little something from Mother

When someone asks me to who is the most optimistic person I know , only one person pops into my head more than anyone else, and that person is my mother. Fighting all the odds of life and even after facing so many ups and downs in life she never lets that beacon of hope die. Where there is scope for more she helps me reach that goal. I could never imagine to live life as she has lived. Just a few days ago I paid a visit to the village she grew up in. Her father, my maternal grand-dad were very wealthy in their days. I had a talk with the villagers who knew her, one of them even described her family as " the royal family of the gaon". To come from a well off family and get married to a man who had just begun standing on his own feet was a tough call for her. She never was engaged in the chores of the house before she got married but now she had to manage a whole household , and to feed not only her husband but also his siblings who were living with him. She never complained about anything, anyone else at that stage would have rushed back to their parents house but she did stay put, balancing her role perfectly as a wife, a daughter , a sister-in-law, a daughter-in-law and later on a caring and loving mother. She always had high hopes for me, she always would tell me that she knew I would choose a little different way of life but I would never fall. She always told me to work hard and never look back. Its not that we had a perfect mother daughter relationship , sometimes I would disagree to her rules and disregard for facts , but I could not blame her. She was born in a place and age where the was no television , there was just one telephone in the whole village and no one had even heard of the possibly of a device called the computer. To be born in such a simple age and still be an inspiration to her children is what makes her so different.
I remember her singing songs to me and telling me bed time stories. One particular story always cracked me up, it was a story of how a stupid man made a fool of himself as he could not think reasonably. She still loves to sing song, on a Sunday afternoon if you happen to pass by our kitchen you will certainly humming songs from the eighties and even some popular ones from the nineties. Whenever I am not at home I miss her humming the songs. I always encouraged her to write too, as she always had a knack for writing. Sometimes she would write a short story or a poem and even a song. I always told her one day I would use one of your songs and make a music video out of it. 
Whenever people told me I looked like my father, i would get very angry, from childhood I always wished I looked like my mom. A few days ago someone told me that I had started to look like a younger version of my mom, I was so overjoyed, finally I thought, someone sees my point that I look like my mom. I am never so close with anyone in my life than I am with my mom. When I was in school my friends would all get angry when I would tell them that I tell my mother about all their affairs. They would get so embarrassed in front of my mother whenever they would come visit me. I have never seen my mother tired of life, she has always embraced life and whatever it brings with it. I have never seen such love for life in anyone else.

My mother has always been my best friend, a mentor and the most important thing in my life.

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