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It is more than just an App : The Airtel App



I remember receiving my first mobile phone back when I was attending my last years at school, I had to stay back late for classes and tutorials and so my parents decided to give me a mobile phone for safety. That was the first mobile phone of my life, and an Airtel Sim, obviously it was not an advanced smart phone that kids carry now, but at that time it was more than I could ask for. Airtel was the telecom company of their choice, they had this strong trust for Airtel network, which was not developed based on frequent ads on the television, rather  it was a result of experiences they had had when they had to visit relatives who resided in interior and rural parts of the state and Airtel stood by them through thick and thin. Airtel’s unaltered and constant service made them choose Airtel over many other telecom providers in the country.
Airtel is now one of the fastest growing companies in the country broadening its market with many other services, one of which is the Airtel app available on Google Play for android users (App for IOS users is said to hit the app market soon). Until last month I had no idea what this app was really about, a friend of mine suggested this app to me, and I must say Airtel has widened its horizon with this app. With so many facilities and services rolled into one small app under 10MB, it is a pretty good deal. Since the day I installed the app I have been a bit addicted to it and here are three really interesting reasons why.

First of all I would like to point out easy my life has become with this app because it really has. I have been able to recharge for my loved ones in such free and hassle free steps and that too on the go. You do not know when and where you might get a text message saying “Please recharge my phone” from your mom, and it is not always possible to takeout your laptop or even run down to that easy recharge store at the corner of the street. This is a life saver for me as most of the times I am busy with work and with this app I can add and recharge for the people I care about whenever and wherever I want.
Now I didn’t know that Airtel provides facilities to recharge your DTH until I got this app. But I swear, with all the work and the stress this is the only bill I forget to pay, and I realize it only when my channels vanish from my T.V. This annoying habit of mine had a solution, and it was the Airtel App. Now even if I forget to pay my DTH bill it is only a matter of seconds and then I am back watching that Series that I am a huge fan of, thanks to Airtel App and Airtel Money.

 And the third and most amazing thing about this app are the amazing deals they offer. When you open this app on your smart phone all you have to do is shake your phone, the app at once senses this and shows you several deals available for you. You will be so thrilled to check out their on app deals, they are worth every penny you pull out of your pocket. Not to forget the “Airtel Surprises” displayed on their home page where you get coupons to redeem at different stores whose value may go up to your recharge amount or even more. With so many options to choose from like cash back, full talktime and free data you really do get spoilt for choices.
Although all these are a great bargain for just a small app, these look good only if you happen to possess a smart phone. If you do not, then this may be a sign, to go get a smart phone, install this app and maybe read this post again (wink!).

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!! Lookout for more such posts

 and have a great day!

To know more about the app you can always download it from the Google Play Store or check out their website http://www.airtel.in/myairtel

Image source : Airtel App on my android phone

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