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My First Expert

On evenings when I sit down for a cup a tea, I usually chat with my mother, most of the time listening more often than talking. Wondering how does she do it? I know I never could. An impeccable level of knowledge, life experience combined with her caring and nurturing nature and a strong mind that can face any practical problem at once. I had always believed that there are two sides to a person, his/her emotional side and his/her practical and logical side. The most amusing thing is that it is very difficult to find a person on this planet who has efficiently balanced both of these sides constantly in his/her life. I always believed that the person who lets the emotional side of his/her heart win over his/her practical side has been fooled by himself/herself.
 Most of the time at evenings after listening to my mother’s stories I conclude that she has let the emotional side of her, get the better of her,  and she always says that sometimes being emotional is better than thinking logically.
Now this incident happened when I was a bit younger, precisely I was in middle school and I distinctly remember it to be a Sunday. I had never been exposed to any such incident before in my life so it did drain the life out of me for a while. We were going out for some shopping in our car, we had planned to go to the city as shopping in our town was rather useless as we did not get much to choose from. To get to the city from our town we had to cross quite a lot of not so urban areas. While we were in our car, there happened to be a situation. Dad always likes to take control of most of the things so he would never be behind a car, he would overtake any vehicle on the road. Hence he overtook a gentleman’s motorcycle, there were two of then and somehow the gentleman was about to loose control of the motorcycle but somehow regained control. Dad drove past the motorcycle without realising what had happened. When we reached a little further ahead the motorcycle came speeding by and stopped a little further ahead of our car. Dad stopped the car, the rider got down and, even though I was a child but by the look on his face I could tell that he had no fear. The other man was carrying something huge wrapped with a white cloth on his lap. The man just came and started yelling life threats at my father and was just about to open the driver side’s door. My father who had never bowed before anyone was rendered speechless. I had never him like this, and fear was apparent in his eye. He could not utter a word. Suddenly my mom started to speak, letting her emotional side win over her practical side, my eyes wide open as she uttered every single word, slowly the rider started to give in, and she persuaded him to leave. He gave us a threatening warning and drove away. Clearly both my parents had knew something was wrong with this man and he not to be messed with, and they were carrying something with them. But this was the first time I had seen my father, a man of thoughts, a man of logic, prove utterly useless, as compared to the emotional power of a mother, a wife and a human being.
Mother knew about her powers, of persuasion and emotion at she did weaponize them practically at the right moment at the right time. I never knew who were those men or were they at all dangerous but I did realize that my mother is a women of great standards. Brave and thoughtful, there is no one like her. She is my expert, my first expert. There are no people like them , Mothers!

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