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#ComeCloser The Magic tricks up My seeve : Skincare

Taking good care of your skin is very essential and a goon skin not only makes you look beautiful but also is a sign of a healthy and active living, not to mention the amazing confidence you get when your skin is looking good and the praises do add up to your happiness.
Cleaning your face is extremely important because the face picks up dirt too quickly and if you have oily skin you will have more to complain about. Always carry tissue or wet wipes with you so that whenever you re-apply sun screen or moisturiser , you wipe it first. Use a sun-screen with SPF 15 to 20 . Using sunscreens with too much SPF may cause you skin damage.
To clean my face I prefer using a milk, gel or foam based cleanser or face wash because I believe using scrubbing and rubbing your skin will not clean it rather it will cause unnecessary burn and rash and harm your skin immensely.

When ever I go shopping for skincare products or stop at the drugstore I prefer to read the ingredients used in the making of the products, my skin is oily so I prefer gel based creams and lotions and foam based washes. After cleansing your skin always pad it dry with a clean towel instead of rubbing the towel.
After cleaning your skin always follow up with the application of moisturiser. Again take care of the type of moisturiser you use and the base it is made up of. Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you step out of the house so that the sunscreen can best do the job.
If you apply make-up , always remember to remove before you go to bed, do not sleep with makeup on out of laziness or you will have to deal with unhealthy skin . Always buy skincare and makeup products from a good brand and go for organic or vegan makeup if possible. Do not apply make-up unnecessarily because makeup contains pigments for the colour and it may prove harmful for the skin. Also be very careful about the khol and kajal you buy because they are applied directly into your eyes and you do not want to end up with an eye irritation.
Make sure to apply a face mask, once or twice a week. Go for natural face-packs with papaya, cucumber and sandal-wood to keep you skin at its best. For a glowing skin do prefer to go for a natural facial once a month to maintain that glowing shin you are so proud of.

Always stick to a disciplined skincare routine, usually do it after shower as your skin is clean and at its best.

  For more on one of my favorite skincare essential cream the VICCO Turmeric Cream please log on to their website and see the goodness for yourself and #ComeCloser to a healthy skin

Do check back for more such posts coming your way. Have a great day!!!!

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