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The Cricket Story

Cricket is like a part of the culture of our country, and this is good thing,  to respect and love a sport which is vastly popular all over the country. I have seen cricket uniting  people, when a huge match is on, i have seen people forget their differences and come together rooting for one nation, our nation , and when that proud moment of victory arrives i have seen them celebrate and rejoice like brothers. For me, missing an important cricket match is cruel and almost heart breaking because at that span of time all we want to do is eat, sleep, wear and breathe cricket ( if that is even possible), but life cannot take a long pause because of a match and so even unwillingly we have to carry on with our lives. But luckily technology has literally an answer to every single question we have.

I have a funny family story that revolves around cricket that I thought I could share with you. It was last year I guess when India had ODI series matches with England. I could not stress this enough but we try never to miss the match on TV when India is playing either with England or Pakistan, because everyone in my family belives that these two teams when they play against India results in the spiciest and craziest matches of all times.

So last year unfortunately while a match was in progress we had house guests , all close relatives. We welcomed them with immense pleasure , but deep inside everyone knew the plan of watching the whole ODI series was going to fail. Dinner was cooked and everyone was enjoying chatting and recollecting memories from past. Then suddenly dad had an idea I guess. He called us out in the kitchen and said " since you kids are not obliged to involve in the chit chats and the jibber jabber you people will keep a track and whisper the scores into our ears every now and then " . Also I distinctly remember, that was the day Dad finally agreed that out smart phones are not just a waste of time.

And every time anyone would hit a six or a four or any played was out i would just go to him and mom and whisper in their ears. Once he shouted out so loud in excitement that my relatives thought we were crazy. That was the most funniest cricket story we share in our family and we do not regret acting crazy at all simply because we love Cricket and also India won that ODI series against England. Needless to say we had a grand feast of chicken that day.

Cricket has touched deep into our hearts it is a part and parcel of who we are, we were raised watching the likes of  Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar hitting sixes after sixes, we even mourned when they were were bowled or caught out. Every Indian is proud of who we are and what we have achieved in the field of Cricket. We are smitten , smitten with Cricket.

If you share the love of Cricket as I do , do watch the video on this blog post and also do check out the links given below for some really cool stuff.

Have a great day people!

Hey do check out this link http://www.ucweb.com/

And also learn more about cricket here :


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